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Wouter Rentema
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: GEM/Lisa Lois
  • Country: Netherlands

Hearing the music of The Beatles for the first time during his childhood, it soon became apparent to Wouter Rentema that he wanted to become a drummer. He got his first drum kit for his eleventh birthday and joined his first band only a year later. At the age of eighteen, Wouter took his first step towards a professional career as a musician by enrolling the Rockacademy of Tilburg (the first Bachelor of pop music institute in Europe). There he was taught by the likes of Rene Creemers, Arthur Leijten, Hans van de Hurck and Koen Liekens for a period of four years, graduating in June of 2008.

During this period, Wouter played in countless bands, exploring a wide variety of popmusic styles; alternative, hip-hop and soul among them. In 2007 he joined alternative rockband GEM and co-wrote and recorded the album NEW (April 2008). Wouter: "Merely drumming doesn't hold my interest for very long. I like to be involved in the creative process of writing, recording and performing as much as I can." The album's release and consequent singles "Look" and "She said oh oh oh, I said yeah yeah yeah," brought the band favorable reviews and hitparade succes that enabled them to play all the important Dutch festivals and touring the club circuit as a headling act.

Being part of a successful band however, does not keep Wouter Rentema from expanding his musical horizons. He can be seen playing substitute drummer for Bertolf and Claudia de Breij and is one of the regular drummers for Norman Kapoyos & The Swinging Mood Orchestra. Recently he joined Dutch X-Factor-winning singer Lisa Lois at the start of a most promising career, promoting her Gold-winning album Smoke (November 2009) with an extensive tour. Wouter: "GEM is a true rock band. With Lisa it is more of a soulful approach. I see it as a challenge to try to play both of these styles with the same conviction, without losing my identity as a musician."

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