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Allan Schwartzberg
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  • Band/Affiliation: Studio
  • Birthday: December 28
  • Country: United States

I loved drums since I was ten yrs. old, and I have no idea where this came from. Aside from my parents being great dancers, they were not avid music listeners. I heard swing drumming (Gene Krupa / Cozy Cole) and went into a trance that I still haven't come out of. I went to the Manhattan School of Music for 3 years, studied percussion (mallets only) with Morris Goldenberg; but the real education was listening to, and memorizing Max Roach, Elvin Jones and Philly Joe Jones licks. At 20 years old I was the sort of 'House Drummer' at the famed Half Note Jazz club in downtown NYC. I cut my teeth playing with a variety of Jazz greats i.e. Al Cohn and Zoot Sims, Roy Eldridge, Bob Brookmeyer, Ritchie Kamuca, Jim Hall, Ron Carter, and backing singers such Cris Conner, Anita O'Day and Jimmy Rushing.

As the Jazz grew more and more economically unhealthy, where my beer tab exceeded my end of week paycheck, I discovered there's another kind of groove out there. I dove into R&B funk and Rock N Roll. The recording studio scene became very appealing. This was an opportunity to play all styles of music and collect a nice check. I worked my way up to first call studio drummer in NY during the 70's and early 80's. I played on lots of albums and many hit records with the likes of James Brown, Roberta Flack, Alice Cooper, Kiss, Peter Gabriel, Jimi Hendrix, Harry Chapin, Barbra Streisand, Gloria Gaynor, Roxy Music and many others. (see for a wide and varied list of credits). I still love playing live, and have toured with Peter Gabriel, and now with with Linda Ronstadt.

As the studio work grinded to a halt, mainly due to loops / programming, I found it necessary to learn new stuff. I have a good grasp of the technology available and have, along with my partner the great guitarist Bob Mann, built a state of the art recording studio on 52nd and Broadway in the heart of NYC. (see Drum magazine Jan. or Feb. issue for story) Although I miss the good old days of studio work, I have for the past 5 years been writing TV / Radio commercials and always invite myself to play on the sessions We are currently ready to begin work on the new Rod Stewart album which I will play on ( I did 3 tunes the first of the Standard's records he's done recently). This will also be recorded at our studio. This summer I'm touring with Linda again and will also play for opening act - Aaron Neville.