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Anandan Sivamani
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Independent / Asia Electrik
  • Country: India

Sivamani, otherwise known as "The Prince of Percussion" alias "POP," was born in India in 1959.

His love for the drums stems from early childhood and is the greatest asset to his success as a world famous percussionist. His talent was nurtured by his father S.M. Anandan and later expanded by Noel Grant.

Asia Electrik, the band spearheaded by wiz-percussionist Anandan Sivamani also comprises jazz guru Louiz Banks [keyboards] & child-prodigies Ravi Chari or Niladri Kumar [Sitar]. Their music is mostly raag based but with western harmonies and orchestration woven into it.

Siva, one of the world's most gifted percussionist, always grasps the essence of a composition early, adds inputs & ideas regarding rhythmic variations and the composition goes through various metamorphoses as they play a piece, never sounding the same twice. Louiz is the extraordinary music maestro who has been in the forefront of jazz & fusion music in India since its inception. Ravi / Niladri incorporate traditional Indian classical vocabulary into the band's repertoire. Both are brilliant, young Sitar virtuosos with a unique ability to play pure Indian classical as well as modern world music with great mastery. The sound of Asia Electrik is new, exciting and riding the wave of the 21st century!

"I like Zildjian because there is no comparison. Zildjian is the best. Throughout my career I have used many different brands and types of cymbals. But there is no greater aura than the feeling I get every time my drumsticks meets a Zildjian cymbal. The vibration, the sound, the acoustics...nothing can compare to the pure perfection of a Zildjian.

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