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David Simo
David Simo
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Independant
  • Country: Spain

Born in Barcelona, David is one of the most experienced and best known drummers in Spain.

As a studio musician, he is in constant demand and has performed on more that 250 sessions, working with many top producers. His discography includes 6 platinum records.

His work is recognised in many countries including Italy and the United States, where some of these recordings were mixed.

Projects that he has worked on include the latin artist Marcos Llunas recordings on which he shares credits with the great JR Robinson, or his work with Spanish singer songwriter J. Tena, where he plays alongside another all time great, guest singer Paul Carrack of Mike and the Mechanics.

He has also played on film soundtracks, TV sitcoms, advertisements, and has performed live on several national television talk shows.

In the last few years, David has toured with various bands and artists including Orquesta Mondragon, Pedro Javier Hermosilla, and Manuel Carrasco to name a few. He currently plays drums for the Grammy award winning singer David Bisbal. On Bisbals last tour they performed more that 140 concerts around the world, including dates in the U.S. and South America.

In 2003 he shared stage in a clinic with the versatile Cindy Blackman.

David also teaches modern drums and drum sequencing at the ESMUC (Escola Superior de Musica de Catalunya) in Barcelona.

One of his next projects is to record an album featuring his own music, which hes already working on.

As you can see in the set configuration, David places the ride to his left, being ambidextrous, he prefers to play left handed without crossing hands (ie. hh and ride with the left, and snare with the right.)

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