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Mikko Siren
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  • Band/Affiliation: Apocalyptica
  • Country: Finland

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Mikko started drumming when he was 3 years old, but the first instrument for which he took music school lessons was violin. Maybe he saw signs for the future in some way, although at that point he really could not know that metal music played on classical instruments would take him to worldwide success.


Nowadays Mikko is the only non-cellist in the Finnish metal band Apocalyptica.  Mikko joined the band in 2005 as full time member. They have been conquering the world with their unique cello-driven sound with Mikko as their main motor.  The band is known for their busy touring schedule and they have also entered  Top40 in many countries all over the world.


Before joining the ranks of Apocalyptica, Mikko did numerous studio sessions and live shows varying from metal  music to dance beats of Darude and virtually anything inbetween.

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