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Ulf Stricker
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  • Band/Affiliation: Independent
  • Country: Germany

Born in April 16th 1977, Ulf Stricker was exposed to music from the very first moment of his life. His parents had a great collection of records which were running all day long.

At 6 years of age, he was given a piano which was the instrument he chose after his first lessons in reading and performing music, in Germany called "musikalische Früherziehung".

At 10 years he was asked to join the Youth Symphonic Orchestra of Hilden which was in need of a triangle and cymbal player. The timpani player there became his first drum teacher, showing him techniques for snaredrum, timpani and mallets. Gradually his interest changed more and more to Jazz and Rock and eventually he switched to the Drumkit at 15 years of age, changing the teacher as well.

Piano still was the first instrument and Ulf won lots of prices as a classical piano player. After finishing school in 1996 he decided not to study the piano but the drums at a Dutch conservatory the "Arnheim Institute of Arts" where he received lessons from the well known René Creemers (drumbassadors) and Joop van Erven. Graduating in 2001 he is making his living as a professional drummer and teacher.

Ulf Stricker is endorsed by DW, Zildjian, Remo, LP and Roland and has gained some reputation around Europe as a solo artist, combining the acoustic and electronic world of drums. His latest solo effort is available on DVD via his website

During his clinics and solo concerts he shared the stage with Dave Weckl, Horacio Hernandez, Thomas Lang, Gavin Harrison, Kirk Covington and many others.

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