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Michael Moose Thomas
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  • Band/Affiliation: Bullet For My Valentine
  • Country: United Kingdom

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Bullet for My Valentine are Michael 'Moose' Thomas (drums), Matthew Tuck (vocals), Michael 'Padge' Padget (guitar) and Jason 'Jay' James (bass) all are childhood mates from the area of Bridgeend, Wales, UK.

Growing up on a steady diet of Metallica, Iron Maiden, Machine Head and rock like Guns N Roses the friends without James started a group in their preteen years called Jeff Killed John. That band struggled through musical growth and the hiccups that go along with starting a musical career for close to seven years. In that time the band played the most awful of gigs, pay to play affairs with little or no local support and slept in vans and on floors.

A little over two years ago, that group were about to enter the recording studio, when their bassist walked out on them. Rather than continuing on, the members recruited James and started a new band as Bullet For My Valentine, re-working their sound and musical ideas into a new beast. This group was signed at their second gig and quickly steam-rolled through the musical landscape.

2005 was THE year of Bullet For My Valentine, it saw the Welsh four piece explode into worldwide prominence. Combining darkly crooned rock with earth shattering metal execution, the arena sized sound has taken over radio, TV and live performances. Releasing their debut full length album The Poison in the UK, the album immediately shot to number one at rock radio. Known for their live vigour the group sold out a headlining tour through the UK, as well as high profile tours through Japan and a recent U.S. debut opening for Trustkill Records label mates, It Dies Today.

To give you an idea of the bands standing in their homeland, the group is currently gearing up for a headlining spot on an upcoming Kerrang Magazine sponsored tour with Hawthorne Heights supporting them!

Recently scoring covers for Metal Hammer and Kerrang in their homeland and upcoming profiles in Revolver, Penthouse Magazine and beyond. The band recently released their selftitled EP in the U.S. on Trustkill Records.

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