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Thor "Doddi" Thorvaldsson
Zildjian Artist Thor "Doddi" Thorvaldsson
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Jonsi / Tina Dico / Independent
  • Country: Iceland

Born and raised in Iceland, Thor "Doddi" Thorvaldsson is well known for his creative and powerful style of drumming, influenced by the country's extreme nature. Doddi actually began his musical endeavours at the age of five playing the recorder and piano, however at the age of nine, he moved to the drums, which have been his main instrument since.

Doddi spent most of last year touring with Jonsi (Sigur Ros), playing over 100 shows in four continents. This year, Doddi has been out touring with Danish multi-platinum selling Artist, Tina Dico. When not out on the road, he spends most of his time in Reykjavik recording and performing with local Artists and working on his own compositions.

Doddi says: "The best thing about Zildjian cymbals is the warm and earthy sound they produce, especially my favourite types: the K Dark Crashes and the K Constantinoples. In the past, I tried cymbals from many manufacturers, but I always found myself coming back to Zildjian. There's just something right about Zildjian cymbals. They're warm and earthy, yet open and juicy. Just perfect!"

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