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Greg Upchurch
Greg Upchurch
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: 3 Doors Down
  • Country: United States

Greg Upchurch started playing drums pretty much when he was born. He really doesn't remember starting to play. Greg played in jazz band and marching band at Kingston High School in Oklahoma when he was a teenager. After high school, he received a scholarship in music at the University of Central Oklahoma and played in the jazz band there.

Upchurch then moved to Los Angeles in 93' and got a job at Guitar Center in Hollywood. While working for GC, he was fortunate enough to get an audition with the band Eleven. Greg got the gig, his first with a signed act. He played on their record, 'Avanteguardog' and Eleven went on to tour America & Europe with Soundgarden. From there, Soundgarden singer, Chris Cornell, hired Eleven to be his band for his debut solo record Euphoria Morning. Upchurch then went on to tour with Puddle of Mudd behind their triple platinum record, 'Come Clean' and played drums on their gold certified 2nd CD, 'Life on Display'.

Currently, Greg plays drums for 3 Doors Down. He joined the group in 2005 to tour behind their platinum record 'Seventeen Days'. After the tour, the band took some time off to write new music and then hit the studio to record their self titled album, their first with Greg behind the kit. 3DD's self titled CD is now in stores and you can see Greg and the band on tour now.

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