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Scott Underwood
Zildjian Artist Scott Underwood - Train
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Train/Foodpill
  • Birthday: January 02
  • Country: United States

Scott Underwood has been a member of Train since 1994 when the rock/pop rock band originally formed. He started playing drums at the age of 11 and has been a musician ever since. An active learner Underwood has been taking Berklee’s online classes while on tour. In addition, Underwood and bass player Charlie Colin recently formed the new eclectic group Foodpill.

Train formed in San Francisco. The band has toured both nationally and internationally with other major performers such as the Barenaked Ladies and John Mayer. Their debut self-titled album: Train, was independently released in 1998 with the major hit ‘Meet Virginia.’ The band won two Grammy awards in 2002 with the help of their second album Drops of Jupiter (2001). This album was so popular that it went double platinum.

Their most recent albums: My Private Nation (2003), For Me, It’s You (2006), and Save Me, San Francisco (2009) proceeded to increase their popularity even further. After the band took break they released, Save Me, San Francisco which is about getting back to their roots and involves a lot of storytelling about life and love.

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