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Jussi Vuori
Jussi Vuori
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: The 69 Eyes
  • Country: Finland

There are only a few drummers these days that are the main characters of the band, and in this case Jussi Vouri, also known as "Jussi 69," is one of the most dramatic. He's the sharp and hard-hitting rhythm machine and excellent showman of the Finnish Goth 'n Roll band The 69 Eyes. His style was recently described as "playing like there's a TV camera by his side all the time," but maybe it's just his polished Zildjians he's posing with!

The 69 Eyes are signed to EMI/Virgin and release a follow-up to their gold selling albums titled simply "Devils."

Helsinki Vampires are back! The 69 Eyes will release their new album Back In Blood on August 28th in Europe and September 15th in USA, 2009. As a one of the leading Helsinki Vampires, Jussi69 has been busy as ever all year round; recording new album, video shootings, Download Festival, Award shows and the band played also their first shows in Australia, and all that before their new album is even released! Busy times ahead for Jussi69 and The69Eyes for remaining of the 2009 and 2010.

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