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Lee Vincent
Lee Vincent | Zildjian Drummer
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Pulled Apart By Horses
  • Country: United Kingdom

My dad was a jobbing musician all through the 60's & 70's, so I was brought up on stories from 'the road' and always knew I wanted to be in a band.

I played guitar all through school, but it wasn't until I saw footage of The Beastie Boys playing 'Sabotage' live at Glastonbury in '94 that I had a sudden overwhelming compulsion to play drums. I saved up for the rest of that summer, using money from a washing up job, and after a few months I bought an old Beverly kit which served me through my formative years.

For the following few years I taught myself drums by playing along to all manner of rock and metal, stealing fills as I went along (I've still never had a drum lesson!). I also played in many ill-fated bands (even a working covers band called ‘Beats Working’, for one New Years Eve gig!), but I couldn't find other people who REALLY wanted it like I did. I didn't care for fame but I wanted to tour, I wanted to record and I wanted to progress, no matter on what level we were playing at.

So it was a chance meeting with an old school friend in 2001(ish) that found me moving to Bradford to join his band, ‘Burst Rondo’, and that was the turning point. All of a sudden I was playing with talented musicians, people who played outside of 4/4 (pretty much all I knew up until then!) and were interested in dynamics and good song-writing. It was these guys (Jon, Chris, Seb & Al) who taught me to play drums - indirectly of course. And we toured. And we recorded.

Within a year we had moved to Leeds (still one of the most vibrant cities I know when it comes to music) and that’s where I've lived ever since. Since ‘Burst Rondo’ had run its course I played in several bands, ‘Year Of The Man’ (post-metal), ‘Concentration Champ’ (2-piece Garage-y noise) and  ‘Fake Death’ (very fast hardcore), but starting Pulled Apart By Horses with 3 virtual strangers in 2007, has certainly had the most impact on my life. From playing to 35,000 people supporting Muse to recording with the legendary Gil Norton, this feels like the band I was truly meant to be in.

Lee’s Cymbal Set Up (L-R):
14" K HiHats
16" K Custom Session Crash
18" K Dark Crash Thin
22" Z Custom Power Ride
20" K Custom Dark Ride