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Alan White
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Artist Biography

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  • Band/Affiliation: Yes
  • Country: United States

"Let it breathe and make it swing."

A true drumming legend, Alan White has enjoyed a prolific musical career spanning five decades. With humble beginnings as a piano student switched drummer at the age of thirteen, Alan joined Ginger Baker's Airforce in 1968. Playing with Ginger Baker of Cream fame and Steve Winwood of Traffic allowed Alan to explore many diverse musical arrangements and incorporate complex time signatures into his playing style.

In 1969, Alan was invited by John Lennon to play with The Plastic Ono band. Alan's keen ability to learn an enormous amount of music and adapt to a new musical situation prompted John Lennon to invite him to play on some of his most popular and memorable songs such as "Instant Karma," "Imagine," and "Jealous Guy" to name a few. Alan went on to record with John Lennon's former Beatle bandmate, George Harrison. Alan's playing appears on Harrison's All Things Must Pass album and the megahit song "My Sweet Lord."

At that time, Alan White's career as a session musician blossomed with performances on over thirty albums and work with numerous bands.

While on tour with Joe Cocker's Mad Dogs and Englishmen, Alan was contacted by the band Yes. Thirty years later, Alan is still writing, recording and performing with the legendary progressive rock band. In 1983, Yes released one its most commercially successful albums 90125. The album featured some of Alan's most tasteful and inventive playing which influenced countless drummers everywhere.

Alan continues to record and perform with Yes where he contributes much to the songwriting process as skilled piano player and percussionist.

A Zildjian artist since 1977, Alan White uses Z4A model Zildjian hickory drumsticks. His cymbal set-up incorporates the A Zildjian, K Zildjian, K Custom, Oriental, and A Custom ranges.

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