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David Wallin
David Wallin
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Artist Biography

Everything you need to know in one spot.

  • Band/Affiliation: PAIN
  • Country: Sweden

David began learning drums at the age of 7 years when he started taking lessons from the Cuban/Latino orientated Danish percussionist Eric 'Pygge' Henriksen at Sollentuna Jazz Workshop. He later joined four different bands, rehearsing seven days a week, on top of which he was accepted as a full time student at the Stockholm Musical Conservatory, for three years of study.

Having then completed a one-year course at the Rockmusikerlinkjen (RML – Rock Musician Education), David was burnt out with music, to pardon a pun!!

So he decided to do something different for a while.

Soon after the opportunity to work with pyrotechnics came along and David started to work for Fyrverkeri Experterna, touring Sweden with local bands as a stage pyrotechnician. Still in "the business" a spark was ignited that urged David back to being a musician again along with an offer to play drums in Sweden largest industrial metal act, PAIN.

Being a drummer, knowing the business, and thinking like a musician eliminated most of the problems usual pyrotechnicians had, like learning the songs, designing shows, and last but not least - shooting in time. David started to work for Unique Pyrotechnic that developed and rebuilt a drum pad for shooting pyro. The possibilities of shooting fast and advanced sequences of pyro "live" together with music were now only limited by the skills of the one holding the trigging drumsticks!

The following years David started to tour Europe with PAIN as a drummer along with doing pyro assignments for bands like Dio, Twisted Sister, Motörhead, Venom, Europe, In Flames, Triumph, and Poison among others.

After a couple of years of "warming up" the element of fire was introduced to PAIN. Even though a second pyrotechnician is supervising the shows for security reasons David is shooting everything manually with the drum pad, or by trigging sequences with the help of a state of the art technology FireCtrl developed by Unique Pyrotechnic in Sweden.

David says "It's practically a weather resistant touch screen computer with endless possibilities of programming sequences with pyrotechnical effects or anything that runs on electricity"

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