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Gabriel Wallace
Zildjian Artist Gabriel Wallace
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  • Band/Affiliation: Gorillaz / Fadrbooste
  • Country: United States

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Made in Illinois, Gabriel Wallace, aka Manuals, is a drummer and producer.

His stickwork with the Gorillaz, De La Soul, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Celia Faussart (Les Nubians), Maurice Brown, Peven Everett, Jesse Fischer (Soul Cycle) and Margot B has quietly evolved his precise x gritty beats, fueled by an enigmatic 312 fire.

Manuals defines homebase as church, lessons, and school bands.  Headphone curriculums and music magazines piqued a rhythmic curiosity, furthering his sonic IQ.  A professional credo was shaped by numerous mentors including bassist Richard Patterson (Miles Davis).

Solo work and b-side work as BAKPAKBOY is shining light on Manuals' pro-head-nod, team-first mentality.  New LPs include the debut album MID ONE (Manuals Instrumental Disc One) and BPB A (BAKPAKBOY A), a live beat tape.  Both records are independently produced, written, arranged and released.

His original band Fadrbooste is solidifying a rep for flavorful chops and basement party vibes.  An EP and LP are forthcoming.

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