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Adrian Young
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  • Band/Affiliation: No Doubt
  • Birthday: August 26
  • Country: United States

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Long Beach California native, Adrian Young; auditioned for the band "No Doubt" in 1989, with scarcely one year playing experience to his name and landed the gig. Adrian quickly proved himself to be a very solid and creative musician. His infectious rock/ska-flavored rhythms helped No Doubt achieve multi-platinum status with their 1995 major-label release, "Tragic Kingdom."

Adrian has been able to masterfully blend his various rock, ska, and punk influences to develop a playing style which compliments his band and serves each song very well. After playing with the Vandals on a two week European tour, Adrian spent the better part of 2000 on the road with No Doubt in support of "Return of Saturn."

No Doubt continues to enjoy success in the US and Internationally, playing to sold-out audiences around the world. During his time off from No Doubt, Adrian enjoys touring with one of his favorite bands, "Bow Wow Wow" (of "I Like Candy" fame) as well as doing other side projects.

Adrian plays a wide array of Zildjian cymbals, and matching his personal style to his tools of the trade, designed his own Artist Series Drumstick and one of the first-ever Artist Collection Drumstick Bags.


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