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Lim Yong-Hoon
Hoon Lim Yong Artist Photo
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  • Band/Affiliation: Achtung
  • Country: South Korea

Lim Yong-hoon is the most outstanding drummer currently in Korea, who has greatly influenced the young generation with his own unique style of drumming.

During intermediate school, he loved to dance and became interested in hip-hop beat, which led him to play drums at age 18. He is currently lecturing at Dong-Ah Broadcasting College and Joong-Ang University and has held drum clinics several times.

In 2005, he went on tour performing in ten major cities in Germany, and in 2010, he wrote a drum book called Basic Drum Method. Yong-Hoon is currently a member of Achtung, a three-member fusion folk-rock band, who has recently released their second album and actively perfoms on TV and radio shows.

He has performed on Pentaport Rock Festival, Jara Island Jazz Festival, and many other festivals in Korea and is actively performing with Brass Big Band, Gospel Group Rejoice. He has also performed on live concerts and recording sessions with Korean famous singers (Sohn Ho-Young, Kim Jong-Suh, Na Yoon-Kwon, Shim Soo-Bong, Bobby Kim, and etc.)

Yong-hoon has done countless numbers of performances, and is truly one of the best drummers in Korea.

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