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Vladimir Zhurkin
Vladimir Zhurkin
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Artist Biography

Everything you need to know in one spot.

  • Band/Affiliation: The State Jazz Music Chamber Orchestra
  • Country: Russia

Vladimir is one of the famous jazz-drummers in Russia as well as having a worldwide following. All his life, Vladimir played in The State Jazz Music Chamber Orchestra of Oleg Lundstrem. It is the most "Long Playing" Big Band in the world. This fact is recorded in the Russian Guinness Book of Records. You can read official history of The State Jazz Music Chamber Orchestra of Oleg Lundstrem on their web-site:

Vladimir has an American Certificate of Quality - owners of this certificates can teach in musicial universities around the world at large.

In 2001, Vladimir Zhurkin received an award from the President of Russia and he now has the status of "Honoured Artist of Russia."

All his life Vladimir uses Zildjian cymbals. You can see him playing with his Zildjian's around the world.

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