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Zildjian Drummer Love Europe - France Winner
Zildjian Drummer Love Europe - France - Photoshoot July 17th
Zildjian Drummer Love Europe Winner - Geoffroy S.
Geoffroy S.

 Watch Highlights of the Photo Shoot

Geoffroy’s Winning Cymbal Selection:
13" K/Z Special HiHat Pair
16" K Custom Hybrid Crash
17" K Custom Hybrid Crash
21" K Custom Hybrid Ride
20" FX Oriental Crash of Doom
11" FX Oriental "Trash" Splash

Drumstick Selection:
Dennis Chambers Artist Series Stick

Robert’s Blog – Day 9:
REALLY BOB… REALLY????? There are no later flights than the "before Jesus wakes up in the morning, still dark outside, bang your head into the bathroom door, trip as your getting into the elevator, make a wrong turn in the hotel to find yourself in the parking lot, run like hell, to the longest line in the world to check baggage" choice????? DOH!!!!!

I have never been able to sleep on airplanes; I am now sleeping on take off. No joke. A few days ago I woke up somewhere 30,000 feet over Poland. I have also started falling asleep every time we stop moving for more than 10 minutes. "Ahhhh, going for a bit of kip" Bob says happily. I am looking forward to an extended "kip" really soon, but until then we have work to do and DRUMMER LOVE to spread.

Getting to Strasbourg, France is no easy task by plane as it turns out. Especially when there is a luggage handler strike and the pilot of our small jet seems to be checking the breaks every five seconds. "BOB!!!! We could have rented a Porsche, driven 160 mph and been here in 2 hours" I whined, but alas I was met with Bob's Paddington Bear "stern stare". I returned the stare with a mischievous smile as we took off, France here we come!!!!

I love France. I have some family history here and have always felt connected to her people. Having the chance to do a photo shoot here set me into overdrive. I got chills from the first click of the shutter to the last and WOW what a subject.

We met up with Geoffroy outside a small dive bar on a small perfectly dreamy European street in the middle of the city. There would not be any shortage of locations today. Geoffroy reminded me of Travis Barker when I first saw him. "Oh. I love to make beats, my favorite is Quest Love" he said, touching his Crash of Doom. Geoffroy had his kit set up in an area surrounded by cassette tapes and beer taps; he is a lefty and he KILLS.

"Boom Boom POP! tick a tick a" he played with the intensity of a scrappy cat in cat fight, dragging his stick, finding that groove;  my head started to pop up and down. 'This guy gets around town" I thought. The flood lights that had been provided in Germany worked perfectly, creating a warm glow around Geoffroy's cymbal selection. "Boom boom, tic tic tic, POP"!!! It went on. We were all tapping our foot as we finished the drum portion of the shoot.

Weaving our way in and out of tourists, we shot in front of a massive cathedral, much to the tourist delight as they all took photos of us taking photos. Geoffroy killed it, looking "hip and hop" if you ask me. We wondered the streets, each location more beautiful than the next. The entire day was a breeze; we shot and shot and then…


The Zildjian Drummer Love Europe Photo campaign had come to a screeching halt.

As we made our way back to the small dive the guys all moved downstairs to check out the dance floor and I found myself alone, at the end of a massive road. I looked around for a minute and then closed my eyes, thanking my higher power for the safe travels my amazing new friends and the ability to use the gifts that power had provided me. Emotional is a small word to what I was truly feeling. Soon after, Bob turned the corner with gifts of local vino, provided by Geoffroy. We lifted our bottle's high in salute. Job well done!!!! 

Oh, and it's my birthday.

Bob’s Blog, Day 9, July 17 - Strasbourg France:

Last stop of the tour and we are in Strasbourg France with Drummer Love winner Geoffroy Sourp and Thibaut Coutansais from our French Distributors Gaffarel.

It's been a hectic travel schedule from Frankfurt but two plane rides later we find ourselves in this incredibly picturesque and historic town. It's a visual feast for a photographer and I can already see Robert’s mind in overdrive.

Quite rightly Geoffroy seems very proud if his city. It's a very relaxed atmosphere in this town, a tourist hot spot for sure, but you get the feeling there is a closeness amongst the local community.

Geoffroy is a very busy player with regular gigs with his band called Art District. The first location for the shoot is a club he often works in called the Phonograph Club.

Whilst Robert shoots, Geoffroy keeps up a steady stream of cool rhythms on his kit. He has great feel and groove. He's totally comfortable in front of the camera and you can tell Robert is pleased with the way it's all going.

Next we move into the streets and Rob shoots with backgrounds of historic old shops and buildings, and one of Strasbourg's incredible Cathedrals. Then it's down to the river for some final shots.

It's a wrap, and the Drummer Love Europe Photo Shoot Tour mission is complete.

Geoffroy like all the winners has been an incredibly nice guy, so happy to have won, a great player and an incredibly gracious host for our visit.

It's been a fast paced but tremendously interesting 10 days. It's been a joy working with Robert. He brings out the best in all his photographic subjects and really achieved some brilliant results.

We have crossed six countries, experienced six cultures and travelled thousands of miles.

The coolest part was to meet the six talented and extremely worthy winners. All of them so excited to have won. We look forward to seeing how they progress and wish them all the greatest success with their future drumming careers.