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Zildjian Drummer Love Europe German Winner - Joel A.
Zildjian Drummer Love Europe - Germany - Photoshoot July 16th
Zildjian Drummer Love Europe German Winner - Joel A.
Joel A.

Watch Highlights of the Photo Shoot

Joel’s Winning Cymbal Selection:
20" K Custom Dry Light Ride
13" A Custom HiHats
17" K Custom Dark Crash
19" A Custom Crash
12" Oriental China Trash
6" A Custom Splash

Drumstick Selection:
Tony Williams Artist Series Drumstick

Robert’s Blog – Day 8:

It's EARLY… AGAIN, but BOB and I are well rested after a much needed day off in Madrid. As we whizzed through the pre-dawn streets of Madrid in route to the airport my mind started to wonder as it usually does around this time. I am starting to notice the challenges of such a huge photo shoot are not necessarily photographic. My suitcase has become much heavier, I struggle each day not leave behind one of 30 or so working parts that charges something or connects something or adjusts a power source. I have always said being a photographer is much more than knowing how to take a photo, photography is about problem solving and the one problem I had not planned to solve was me.

We landed in Germany and cleared the airport in record time. Today we were being driven to a small village about an hour south of Frankfurt. The first time I looked at the speedometer we were going about 100mph on the auto bon, the second time I looked at the speedometer we were going 120mph, in the moment I was about to mention our speed we were passed by a black Porsche doing at least 160mph. I chose Zen after that and started pointing out every castle in sight like a little school girl.

We were met outside by Joel at a converted mill house in the middle of a lush green pasture beside a stream. It was beautiful; I was ready to pitch a tent when I snapped back into photo mode. The mill offered tons of great locations and I wanted to rock every one of them. Thanks to our friends at 711 photo services in Frankfurt we had managed to avert a lighting crisis by renting an additional lamp head. I was in business.
I got the feeling that Joel kind of didn't believe all this was happening… I have had the same thoughts about a million times this trip so I understood his nervous smile when we arrived.

Joel seemed like that family member that always stays kind of quiet, but always has your back -  EXCEPT when he is playing drums. Joel plays with a reserved inner force that does nothing but rock. I think Joel could play hard, and in time for a week straight if you would let him. Joel did not need to say much, Joel let his playing do most of the talking. "I never owned a jazz cymbal" he said with a smile. "I guess I need to learn jazz"! WOW… OK… just learn jazz. It's no problem for Joel.

The shoot went off without a hitch, except, what to do about our lighting problem? My rental was being returned to 711 that day. No sooner did I think we could be in trouble when Joel came around the corner with two 150 watt construction lights. "Will this help"? It was the answer I had been looking for… "Hellz Ya" I exclaimed as I packed them into an already stuffed suitcase full of cloths and photo things. Joel had saved the day, and maybe even my shoot in France!

Back we go to Frankfurt to render video all night, and then off to France in the early morning.

Let’s do this one more time!

Bob’s Blog – Day 8:
July 16- Germany
Up at the crack of dawn and we are bound for Germany.

It's been a whirl wind of culture changes over the past week, Ireland, England, the eastern European atmosphere of Russia, the Mediterranean warmth of Spain, and now onto the super efficiency of Germany. The one overriding factor that strikes you is that no matter where you go, all drummers are alike. They are of similar character; it's a global club of enthusiasts for the art of drums.

We are met at Frankfurt airport by Jeroen Brieder from German Zildjian distributors, Pearl Europe. Jeroen takes us on an hours’ drive into the beautiful German countryside to an old water mill house that has been converted into a recording studio called Sound Solution 1.

We are greeted by Drummer Love Winner, Joel Asbach, and it's here that, with the help of his producer and studio owner, Rene Anlauff, Joel's winning video was recorded

With a huge grin on his face Joel opens up his prize package of brand new Zildjians and gets them onto his kit. Robert sets up his lighting systems and the shoot begins.

Joel has a tremendous playing style, he is rock solid but adds subtle burst of fill, and has great feel. As the studio is in the countryside Rob then shoots Joel out in the fields, by a cabin and finally on top of a stack of wood. It’s a cool setting for Joel and his new Zildjian drumsticks!

Shoot over; we need to head back to our Frankfurt hotel. The work does not stop there for Robert; he has hours of work ahead, selecting the perfect images, rendering video and uploading back to Zildjian HQ.

He's doing a great job !
Next and final stop on the tour, Strasbourg, France