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Zildjian Drummer Love Winner - Russia
Zildjian Drummer Love Europe - Russia - Photoshoot July 9th
Zildjian Drummer Love Winner - Anton N - Small
Anton N.

Watch Highlights of Anton’s Photo Shoot


14.25" K Custom Hybrid HiHats
17" A Custom Crash
21" Z3 Mega Bell Ride
19" Z3 Medium Crash
18" FX Oriental China Trash
17" K China

Super 5B Nylon Natural

Robert’s Blog, Day 3 - Russia
Bob and I are catching reasonably timed flight for a change from London's Heathrow Airport to Moscow. This morning’s departure terminal was filled full of wondrous shops and international travelers all bustling to there no doubt exotic locations. Bob and I were in an upscale clothing shop when they announced that we only had 10 minutes to board our plane. "Cracky, Really" Bob announced as we scurried off at a brisk paces through tubes, up and down elevators and eventually to our waiting plane with minutes to spare. "RIGHT!", we both exclaimed as we found our seats, I am becoming a right Englishman traveling with Bob.

We were met by our Russian distributer Tim. I would suggest never visit Russia unless you have a "Tim". Nothing is written in English. We fell into a stream of people as we grabbed our first train into the city, then another stream of people as we found our next train taking us three hours south to our destination. The landscape of Russia is a lot like the landscape I grew up in the South. I stared out the window watching farm house and pastures roll past as I sipped a cup of coffee and listened to everyone speak Russian. Was I dreaming??? How did I get here??? Each moment was better than the last.

I felt like I was part of the family the moment I stepped off the train in Yaroslavl City. Family seems to be a reoccurring theme on this trip and its one I have come to love. BIG HUGS, BIG SMILES. Pats on the back as we strolled the platform to the waiting car and off to our hotel for the night. As Bob did what Bob does best "passing on the Zildjian stoke" to others, I burned out the battery in my camera, taking photos of everything that moved.

Our first stop in the morning was Anton's school. The older eastern block building did not look like much from the outside, but as we entered, music filled the air as a student practiced the piano in a far away room. Music matters in Russia and they do not mess around as a teacher let us know we had one hour to "make noise" before she starts recording. I was out of my mind. EVERYTHING was so beautiful. EVERONE was so beautiful. I could spend years in Russia shooting and not even get close to capturing its beauty, but for now it was time to introduce the world to Anton with some killer shots.

Anton just laid into his drums. He never skipped and beat, never looked back and never hesitated to attack. Anton likes "heavy" music and "heavy" music likes him back. Another son of a drummer Anton had gained experience by just living with his Dad. Sometimes experience is passed on just by existing with another person that shares a passion and Anton knew how to rip, just like dad knew how to rip. Watching Anton play was like watching anger, love and passion sharing the same room for a week.

I could write for days about Russia. I will never forget my time there. My mind is so full of the experience it and is still processing it. There are so many things to say. I felt so much. I will close this entry by telling you, I felt like family the entire time I was there. I loved Russia and its people. I hope to return again when I can spend more time getting to know it. I just hope Tim will still be around to guide me through the subway when I get back!

Bob’s Blog - Day 3, July 12 - Yaroslavl  Russia:
It's quite a long journey for our next stop. Flight London to Moscow, we meet up with Teymour from our distributor A T Trade, then train to central Moscow and subway across to another train station and another three and a half hours by train to Yaroslavl. It's an extra ordinary experience particularly the Moscow subway resplendent with iconic Soviet imagery from the old days, created with tiles and mosaic, set off by incredible chandelier lighting. 

Rob is a trooper as we trek across Moscow carrying a huge weight in camera gear.

On arrival at Yaroslavl our Russian winner Anton Nikitin is there to meet us. It's a wonderful gesture as its very late. He's with his father Alexander, again a drum teacher and professional player. Also there to greet us is Adda director of the local Muztorg music store.

It's a great job having the opportunity to present the prizes. The winners are all great players and so happy to have won and to receive their new Zildjian gear.

Off to the hotel and an early morning start for all.

Next day we head to the Muztorg store. Anton is waiting and we make an official presentation of Anton’s prizes followed by interviews for Russia 1, the Russian TV News channel.

Next we head for the music School where Anton’s father, Alexander, teaches drums. Another old Soviet styled building with the sound of classical piano playing out from various rehearsal rooms.

Anton is great in front of the camera. He throws great poses and plays up a storm. Rob is over the moon about the venue he has been offered as back drop to his shoot.

After the school, we shoot outside of a beautiful orthodox Russian church, resplendent with gold leaf covered turrets. Finally we head to a small park area and take pictures in front of a statue of Lenin!

Anton is indeed a worthy winner. We are sure he could have great success with his playing.

We take the train back to Moscow, three hours back and a quick night time stop in Red Square. It's all you would imagine and more, this is absolutely the image of Russia. The Kremlin and the Basilica lit brightly against the dark of the night sky.

Next day we grab a few hours before the flight for Rob to revisit and photograph Red Square in the daylight. It's a morning of countless subway rides followed by a mad dash back to the airport and onward flight to Madrid.

A massive thank you to Teymour from Zildjian distributors AT Trade, a tireless and enthusiastic guide on our Russian adventure!