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Drummer Love Spain Winner - Deivhook
Zildjian Drummer Love Europe - Spain - Photoshoot July 14th
Drummer Love Europe Winner - Spain - Deivhook

Watch Highlights of Deivhook's Photo Shoot

15" K Light HiHats
22" K Ride
16" A Custom EFX
18" K Dark Crash Medium Thin Crash
16" K Custom Session Crash
20" K Custom Hybrid Ride

Super 5B W Natural

Robert’s Blog: Day 4 SPAIN:
"What the heck is this???”  "Deivhook??? " eye makeup, rave parties, a monkey???

Bob and I landed in Spain after an Iberia party flight from Moscow. Europeans just can't sit still on a plane. About an hour in, everyone was up walking around, chatting and drinking… "ahhhh Europe!" I thought as I dug my face into my iPad movie for the next five hours.

I was beginning to question Bob. After never feeding me and making me sleep in old Eastern bloc hotels with no air conditioning, no TV, no phone and NO FOOD, Bob had found a "deal" on this place in Madrid. I held my breath.

Bob came up BIG this time. Our hotel sits on the edge of the Plaza Santana where all of Madrid comes to party, complete with upscale everything. And that included room service!  I was so happy. I never found my bed before 2:00 AM each night, and that's early here. MADRID is magical.

"Deivhook is waiting in the car" Bob said. OK, here we go. Deivook appeared from the car, grinning from ear to ear, arms open almost shuttering with excitement and joy. One BIG hug and I was "Deivhooked". His body paint coated my arms and chin. I love this guy and he had not said a word…but who was this monkey following him around?

Like every Spaniard I have met this trip, I noticed Deivook has a love for life and happiness. Deivhook also has a life size monkey that dances to all his beats, and has over 80,000 followers from all over the world (more about that later). We all piled into a cab and head for the studio… with the monkey… I was tripping. I just did not understand, what was up with the monkey??? When we got to the studio we found the kit covered by lights and magic, and my juices started to flow. It's one thing when you show up at shoot and have to create something cool, it's another when someone else shares your vision of making the greatest shot you can make during a session, and takes action to make it great. It seems Deivhook and I share a passion for making things great and I wanted to make his shots scream.

Deivhook started to jam, the monkey started to dance and it all became clear to me… I don't understand…but I don't need to… this is cool as hell! This is Deivhook's individual artistic expression with his drumming and his monkey…I was in with both feet. I had so many great images; I had to edit my edit in order to upload them to the boss at Zildjian Command back in the States. Deivhook has got his own "hook" and I was "hooked".

The shoot finished up in the main plaza of Madrid with me shooting Deivhook and his monkey in front of a wonderful statue when I heard a "POP", and smoke started shooting from one of my photo lighting heads. I have heard this pop many times and at many different volumes. The first time I heard it I was in a studio in Atlanta and it almost blew my leg off. It is now time to earn my wings as a photographer. I am now traveling with only one source of lighting with two more shoots to go. Hmmmmm.

Every problem offers its fair share of opportunities, I plan to take advantage of those opportunities, use the skills Jerry Burns (my mentor) instilled in me and follow the words of the Queen "Be Calm and Carry On." Besides that, I have a great idea about how to make this all work even better!!!


Germany is NEXT!

Bob’s Blog, Day 4 Spain:  July 14 - Madrid Spain

I think it's fair to say this was not going to be any ordinary shoot as soon as we walked out of our Madrid Hotel to meet Spain's Drummer Love Winner, Deivhook.

Made up with what at first appears to be a stark bolt of lightening across his right eye, a mass of zebra stripe make up down his right arm and a very cool tattoo on his left arm, Deivhook has developed a great image. He's an incredibly nice guy and is accompanied by his long time friend and performing partner Monkey! Not such a strange name as Monkey does infect dress up in a Monkey suit and performs on stage with Deivhook on drums when they gig!

Our first port of call is to Sound Tracks studio, owned and run by a very talented young producer called Guillermo Montañez. He has produced a lot of Spanish bands and works a lot with Deivhook.  The set for the shoot is incredible, the kit sporting it's brand new set of Zildjians is strung with blue lights surrounded by a multiplicity of white hanging bulbs. Robert is in overdrive and totally excited by it all.

Whilst Robert sets up his gear we watch a couple of incredible videos Deivhook has recorded, he has a great talent and great imagination with the direction he is taking with his playing. He spent a year studying at Drummers Collective In New York and is a very talented drummer.

The shoot is just brilliant and the smile on Robert's face says it all. Stills and video of Deivhook are shot including many with Monkey, the results of which you will see here.

Now if we think that was fun, we had yet to experience walking the busy streets of Madrid; a drummer, a photographer and a guy in a monkey suit. The look on people’s faces was incredible!!

Two outside location shoots follow and it's a wrap. We have time for a bite to eat and chat. Deivhook and Monkey are terrific guys and have a clear direction on what they want to do. We wish them the greatest success.

A huge thanks to Alfredo Mendez and all at Spanish Zildjian Distributors, Music Distribucion, for making all of this possible and making sure all runs smoothly for a great day in Madrid.

Next stop Germany