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Zildjian Drummer Love Europe - UK Winner - Lucas P.
Zildjian Drummer Love Europe - UK - Photoshoot July 10th
Drummer Love Europe | Lucas Parlato
Lucas P.

Watch Highlights of the Photo Shoot

Lucas’ Winning Cymbal Selection:
20" K Custom Dry Ride
24” K Light Ride
16” K EFX
14” A Custom MasterSound HiHats
18” K Dark Medium Thin Crash
18” A Custom Projection Crash

Drumstick Selection:
Dennis Chambers Artist Series Drumsticks

Robert's Blog - Day 2:
I think Bob and I are starting to find our stride.

Before I left the United States all my friends were so excited for me, "So Cool", "You’re going to have a blast", "So much fun"! I certainly agreed with them, but inside I cringed at the monumental task of performing my craft 3000 miles away from home. The secret to my success as a photographer is no real secret. Back in LA I am surrounded by amazing support people; from my super cool assistant Erica to Karen at Samys Camera, and of course Ann Marie, Laura and Chris at Zildjian. All these folks got my back, just like Lucas and his family did in London.

When we finally found Lucas, after spending a day and a half trying to find parking on the crowed London streets, it just wasn't Lucas… it was Lucas, his Dad and his Brother, all smiling from ear to ear! Lucas's Dad was a drummer and proclaimed in a broken Spanish accent “I am so glad Lucas won the contest, I was sick of always lending him MY Zildjians" (a statement only a farther could make).

After getting the gear set up with the amazing staff from Tech Music School, Lucas started to play. The only way to describe his playing is subtle beauty. You could tell that Lucas had been playing since he was a kid; he was very mature on drums, yet still really young. As I began to shoot all I could notice was I too was being photographed by Lucas’ Dad, Lucas’ Brother and Chris from Rhythm Magazine (extended family). The shoot went off so easy and so well I actually had a chance to chill and watch it rain for a bit, as Lucas was interviewed and greeted by Gavin Harrison (another really great guy).

The afternoon brought us to the center of London for location shots, more rain, enough sun to capture great shots, and a sandwich on the tailgate of the car. Bob is attempting to starve me (for my own good) to keep me in excellent "shooting shape".

Day 3
It's 5:00 AM, AGAIN. I'm sitting in the lobby of a hotel outside of Heathrow, (watching it rain) sipping coffee as our trip to Moscow looms ahead of me today. Russia is the "X Factor" of shoots and the only shoot I am a little more than nervous about. Russia is about as far away as I have ever been, but like Lucas I know people have got my back, like Lucas, I know I am going to crush whatever is put in front of me, and like Lucas I will be grateful and happy as I move forward.

Watch out Moscow!

Bob’s Blog, Day 2, July 10 - London UK:

The shoot takes us back into London today. The UK winner is Lucas Parlato, and location is one of the stages at Tech Music School where Lucas studies his craft.

First order of the day is to present a very happy Lucas with his prizes. It's a very happy moment shared by Lucas and his father and brother who have come along to see the action.

Lucas is of Italian descent and born in Argentina. His father, also a professional drummer and drum teacher, brought his family over to the UK several years ago.

Much to Lucas's delight and surprise, guest judge Gavin Harrison has also made the trip down to the shoot to congratulate Lucas, and exchange some drum chat.

Robert is soon into his shoot with outstanding results; taking lots of stills, plus video as Lucas steams through a solo.

Chris Barnes has also come to interview and film Lucas for his upcoming Rhythm UK Magazine interview.

With kit shots in the bag we head into central London for some cool street shots at Trafalger square and Soho. It was a challenge in between rain showers and a flood of interested tourists, but Rob got some great images!!

Congratulations Lucas – you are a great player!! And a big thank you to Dave Clarke and all at Tech Music Schools for helping us out on the day.