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30 Minute Workout

by Johnny Lee Lane

Lesson Category: Concert Percussion
Skill Levels: Advanced

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For those who say there is not enough time to practice to keep their chops up, I have found a simple method to keep those chops playing ready. One should always stay with the basics and not use "lack of time" as an excuse to disregard practice. This means single and double strokes, and some one-handed exercises. Also, make sure there is a non-stop system in place to assure continuous movement.

This 30-Minute Workout will automatically enable these things to take place. I have dedicated this group of exercises to my friend Ndugu Chancler. Mr. Chancler uses these exercises on the road and also in his teachings at the University of Southern California. Keep your chops forever, the 30-Minute Workout will provide a fundamental regiment of exercises for your daily warm-up routine.

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