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A Drumset can Set the Tone in the Percussion Ensemble

by Steve Houghton

Lesson Category: Concert Percussion
Skill Levels: Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate

The use of drumset in today's percussion ensemble is important on many different levels. With jazz, rock, Latin and World music being such a vital part of the percussion scene, it only makes sense to utilize drumset in the percussion ensemble format. Drumset will help determine the style of most contemporary pieces. At the same time, the student can get a sense of how drumset blends into the percussion family, and how it supports the other hand percussion instruments.

Stylistic awareness, improved time-keeping skills, better ensemble playing, greater four-way coordination, are just a few of the musical benefits to learning drumset. There is also a huge educational upside. At most schools, the percussion ensemble serves as the core performing group for percussion students, whether they're performance or education majors. The knowledge of drumset skills and how to use them in an ensemble will serve not only the future band director but the future college percussion teacher or orchestral performer or studio player.

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