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Basic Fundamentals for the Drumset -Thoughts on Technique

by Steve Fidyk

Lesson Category: Drumset
Skill Levels: Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate

Regardless of grip, it is important to maintain a relaxed and comfortable form when holding the sticks to eliminate body tension. It is also vital that your anatomy remains relaxed with your arms hanging naturally to their sides. The entire arm can be viewed as the drummer's conscious instrument, "the total machine," with the components being your wrist, forearm, and fingers. These components must remain relaxed in order to execute an even flow of dynamics, accents, and tempos.

As human beings, our physical make up is basically the same. It is only our proportion and size that separates us. Therefore, when we play the drum set, our body movements should be similar. For example, the way your wrist turns when preparing an accent, or the way your feet move when operating the bass drum and hi hat pedals.

Technique is the vehicle that drives our musical ideas. As you continue to build a strong musical foundation, investigate as many approaches as you can and organize these ideas accordingly. If a certain technique works for your musical situation, apply it. If not, disregard it. However, examine all aspects and be open-minded to each approach.

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