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The London Symphony Orchestra Percussion Section Visits Zildjian

London Symphony Percussion visits Zildjian

After a vigorous performance at Symphony Hall in Boston, the London Symphony Orchestra Percussion Section visited the Zildjian Factory in Norwell, MA on March 26, 2009. Percussionists Neil Percy (principal), Sam Walton, David Jackson, Jeremy Cornes, Helen Yates, and Nigel Thomas tested and chose various cymbals from the Symphonic French Tone orchestral cymbals to the A Custom EFX drumset cymbals. The LSO will continue on their United States tour for the next two weeks featuring performances of all the Prokofiev's Symphonies.

Photo Above; The group ends a successful day of cymbal testing. From Left to Right; Keith Aleo (Zildjian), Jeremy Cornes, Helen Yates, Nigel Thomas, Neil Percy, Sam Walton, David Jackson, and Lisa Fazenbaker (Zildjian).

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