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Sivamani Shares in 'Slumdog' Success

Anandan Sivamani was a key element to the films soundtrack.

At the Oscars, the year's top winner was "Slumdog Millionaire" including two awards for the film's composer, A.R. Rahman. When Rahman returned home, he received nothing less than a hero's welcome as a huge crowd greeted him when he stepped off the plane.

The crowd wasn't just standing around though, as Zildjian's own Sivamani and his drum troupe provided a driving beat that kept the crowd of thousands dancing while they all chanted "Jai ho." Sivamani was a key element to the films pulsating soundtrack as he added many of the drum parts for Rahman's arrangements, including the "Best Original Song" winner, "Jai Ho." Sivamani is sure to share in the success of the film and it's invigorating soundtrack.

We wish Sivamani and A.R. Rahman both congratulations and best of luck in the future.

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