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Zildjian Artists Valerie Naranjo, Ted Atkatz, Nick Angelis, and Tom Stubbs presented clinics at PAS NYC Weekend of Percussion


Valerie energetically demonstrated techniques, literature, history, and compositional concepts of the GYIL and how it directly applies to Western Marimba. She also collaborated with 3 other percussionists and combined this playing with additional Western percussion instruments. One audience member said "What she can do with one hand is what most can do with two."

Ted held an open discussion and clinic on the Orchestral vs. Rock world. He performed Bach, excerpts from orchestral works, as well as his own rock music. One student in attendance stated, "This is the most relevant clinic of our times." Definitely a unique clinic, probably the first of its kind and very important to take notice, as Ted's journey is truly the first of its kind.

Nick presented a clinic on improvising in a snare drum solo, using several different snare drums. Nick's presentation was a great introduction to the world of Rudimental Percussion as well as snare drum improvisation.

Tom Stubbs presented a Cymbal clinic where he talked about his experience of playing Cymbals for 39 years with the St. Louis Symphony. Topics discussed were Cymbal techniques, BD/Cym. Techniques, and Orchestral excerpts in an audition. Additionally, he performed Cymbal excerpts along to recordings of major works. One unique aspect was that he had everyone in the audience, at one point or another, come up on stage and play BD or Cymbals together.

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