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We've been busy social networking to keep in touch with all of you in order to bring you the latest Zildjian news and info. We know you can't always drop by, so follow us and become our friends!!!

Visit us on our Official MySpace page and our Facebook Fan Page where you can meet a whole bunch of other friends who are just as crazy about Zildjian as you are.

You can now also follow our Official Twitter feed (@ZildjianCompany) where members of the Zildjian Team will be keeping you in the know about what is going on at the Factory and Headquarters in Norwell, MA and beyond...

Look for the following people (and more to come!!!) to be posting to our Twitter:

(brad): VP Marketing
(johnnyD): VP Artist Relations & Event Marketing Worldwide
(kirstin): Manager Artist Relations, West Coast and S. America
(sarah): Manager of Artist Relations, East Coast
(tina): Manager of Artist Relations, International
(craig): Manager of Digital Media
(annmarie): Creative Director
(chris): Graphic Designer

Also, don't forget to catch some extra videos on our YouTube Channel!

See you online!

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