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Fresh Metal Z3

FRESH METAL - All New Z3 Series


Hard hitting cymbals as you know them have just changed. Now introducing the new Zildjian Z3 line with the ultimate mix of Power, Projection and Playability for your Rock.

Power - Made from the formable Zildjian 80% copper / 20% tin cast bronze alloy, these cymbals explode thanks to oversized bells and large sizes.

Projection - Ear splitting presence comes from symmetrical hammering and advanced lathing methods for enhanced projection.

Playability - Optimum profiles and thicknesses provide a high level of flex that keeps the cymbal from feeling like you are hitting a manhole cover. Their brilliant finish provides all the eye candy you are looking for.

Ground shaking Rock cymbals are nothing new to Zildjian. In 1985, we led the way with the legendary Z line. By 1993, Z Custom was found on the kits of Rock drummers around the world. Now comes the third phase of the Z legacy with the most musical Rock cymbals ever crafted, Z3. Over 25 hot new models destined to rock your world.

Are you ready?

Head to to find out more about these killer pies!

We pulled out all the stops for the launch of the new Z3 Series. Today's top Rock, Metal and Punk drummers are as stoked as we are about these pies and we selected a few to highlight, you may just recognize them...

Lars Ulrich (Metallica), Dave McClain (Machine Head), Ilan Rubin (NIN), Longineu Parsons III (Velentine/Independent), Matt Nicholls (Bring Me the Horizon) and Moose (Bullet For My Valentine) have all teamed up for one of the most elaborate product launches Zildjian has ever done - all just for you!

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