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Javier Barrera

Javier Barrera Clinic at Drummer House, Honduras


It was a great pleasure for us to have Javier Barrera, a professional of such high level, sharing his expertise; he fulfilled and went beyond all our expectations, professionally and as a person.

For this experience, we worked with the media, through interviews, press conferences, radio spots and on TV shows. This created a good atmosphere, which in turn increased the number of people that attended our fourth clinic - the one with the highest number of people in attendance to date.

During the Clinic, Javier Barrera showed professionalism and high quality that a professional drummer should have today. He impressed everyone with his work, answering a lot of the questions that people had for him, and also talking all the time about the highest quality of the Zildjian cymbals and Mapex drum sets making a clear statement that Zildjian and Mapex professional series are the right choice for every drummer around the world. At the end of the clinic, he made time for the people who came to the event, as well as the people from the press and television; he gave interviews, autographs and took photographs with many of them, which made everyone happy.

We want to thank Zildjian infinitely for sending us an excellent drummer such as Javier Barrera. We hope to have him with us again in our future Drum Clinics.

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