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Zildjian Teams Up With Sickest Drummer Magazine, Offers a Set of Z3's to the 'Sickest Drummer'


Sick Drummer Magazine, the "sickest drum magazine on the planet," and the 13th Annual DIRT FEST will join metal forces with Zildjian and Aquarian to celebrate the art of extreme percussion with special appearances by the Summer Slaughter drummers and a chance for a local shredder to be featured among the greats as the 'SICKEST DIRTFEST DRUMMER.'

Headlining this year's Dirt Fest is German technical metal band NECROPHAGIST, who bring 2009 Summer Slaughter tour mates ORIGIN, DARKEST HOUR, DYING FETUS, BORN OF OSIRIS, WINDS OF PLAGUE, and more to what has become Michigan's largest and longest-running Metal and Alternative festival. Dubbed 'The Most Extreme Tour of the Summer,' this year's Dirt Fest will undoubtedly blast-beat tiny Birch Run, MI and nearby tourist destination Frankenmuth off the Michigan map on July 11th.

Headlining the promotional appearances at The Sick Drummer Magazine Booth will be:

John Longstreth of Origin

Romain Goulon of Necrophagist

Trey Williams of Dying Fetus

KC Howard of Decrepit Birth

Janne Parviainen of Ensiferum

Justine "Juice" Ãthier of Blackguard

Dan Carle of After the Burial

...and more are expected to appear.

Headlining drummers are also expected to help fans pick the 'SICKEST DIRT FEST DRUMMER' among 30-40 local bands at Dirt Fest. The contest, to be held at  and will give local performers widespread exposure and a chance to win a feature in the September 2009 issue of Sick Drummer Magazine, a set of the new Z3 Zildjian Cymbals, a set of Aquarian Drumheads and other prizes. Entrants must be drummers scheduled to perform at this year's Dirt Fest, register online and upload a video of their performances by July 1, 2009. Voters are encouraged to vote online and at the Sick Drummer Magazine Booth at the event. For more info, head to


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