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Drum World Record

Drummers Set World Record

582 Drumfest UK Drummers Set World Record During 'Stick It To MS'

The 13 July 2009, is a day that will go down in history. At least it will for the 582 drummers that took part in the Stick It To MS World Record attempt Sponsored by Professional Music Technology in the UK.

Following the success of the weekend's Drumfest event, the Birmingham NIA played host to a World Record attempt for the most drummers playing the same beat at one time.

A total of 582 drummers made the attempt and, in doing so, raised money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society- the event has so far raised £20,000 with that figure expected to rise considerably.The throng of drummers included Porcupine Tree's Gavin Harrison and together they broke the record (which previously stood at 533 drummers) just before 4pm.PMT's Craig Glover said "It's been absolutely fantastic. Everyone has really enjoyed themselves - it was a really good atmosphere. We did a simple rock groove and played for at least 10 minutes. We have video evidence and certificates, which we will now send off to get verified by Guinness (World Records)."

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