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PR Conservatory

Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music hosts 15th International Percussion Festival


Under the artistic direction of Prof. Jose Alicea, Director of the Percussion Department at PRCM, students as well as the general public were treated to a variety of percussion sounds ranging from the afro-carribbean sounds of plena, bomba and Puerto Rican salsa, to the traditional music from Croatia, India, Spain, Argentina and just about everything in between.

The three-day event included workshops, master classes and concerts in which students and participating artists came together in high-energy sessions aimed at providing

students and young artists with a powerful learning experience. Headlining the event were top international artists such as: Dave Samuels; Neopercusion ensemble from Spain with Juanjo Guillem, Rafael Galvez and Juanjo Rubio; Profesor Igor Lesnik with biNg baNg Ensemble from Croatia; Alejandro Iglesias Rossi with The Orchestra of Indigenous Instruments and New Technologies from the National University of Tres de Febrero (UNTREF), Argentina; Duo Marassa with James Armstrong and Nichola Papador; Sazed UL Alam, Citar. Local artists included Millo Torres and the Tercer Planeta Ensemble featuring Rigo Collazo and Carlos Maldonado Multi-Percussion Set; Danny Donati electronic Drum Set; Andres Mattei and Etienne Rivera Duo; Tito de Gracia with Naoka Jam Ensemble, The Old Timers ensemble with Monchito Munoz, Papiro Allende, Francisco "Gole" Fernandez and Chegui Rodriguez; and Truco and Zaperoko Ensemble. In a special feature presentation, Dave Samuels accompanied Prof. Jose Alicea and the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music Percussion Ensemble.

"During the past 15 years, the CMPR International Percussion Festival has consistently featured artists from all over the world. Individual artists and ensembles have been presented in a unique learning experience which primary purpose is to expose our students to a wide range of percussion sounds and styles" states Prof. Alicea, founder and artistic director. Evidence of the importance of this festival and the commitment of the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music to this event is the fact that the festival is the first artistic presentation of each academic year, "to kick-off the year with a blast" adds Prof. Alicea.

The festival this year was made possible in part by generous support from local and international sponsors such as Zildjian, Yamaha, Malletech, Neopercussion, Latin Percussion, Global Action, Meinl Percussion, Croatia Ministry of Culture, Zagreb Town Office, Universidad Nacional Tres de Febrero, Museo Arte Africano, Popular Auto, Copa Airlines, Puerto Rico Convention Bureau, UPR, Courtyard by Marriott San Juan Miramar, and Percussive Arts Society.

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