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Zildjian Day at the University of North Texas


Debbie Zildjian was on hand to offer the students insights on Zildjian Family History and describe some of the new technology used in crafting Zildjian instruments. Zildjian's Product Communication, Specialist John King, was also present to answer any and all questions on cymbals and cymbal selection techniques.

The highlight of the day's program was a clinic and performance by Zildjian endorsing artist, Eric Harland, who with the help of several UNT faculty members, proceeded to perform a variety of musical styles. The question and answer period that followed allowed the students an excellent look into the world of jazz performance.

The day's schedule was finally capped off with a display of one-of-a-kind prototype cymbal instruments from the Zildjian Sound Lab. These unique cymbals were available for sale and Zildjian also received valuable feedback from students as they reviewed each new cymbal.

Mark Ford, Coordinator of Percussion Activities for UNT and Zildjian's host for the day stated, "The Zildjian Company has long been a supporter of the UNT music program and we always look forward to Zildjian events happening at our school. It was especially exciting to have a Zildjian family member making the effort to spend time with the students."

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