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Zildjian Welcomes Virendra 'Viru' Kaith (Demonic Resurrection) to Family of Worldwide Artists

Welcome to the family!

Hailing from India, Viru is a member of Demonic Resurrection, a melodic death metal band, who are regarded as India's best Extreme Metal band. It was two years ago that Viru joined the band, they had been searching a year for a drummer capable of playing their music, which is extremely fast and challenging, Viru was the only local drummer who was able to play their drum parts. This extreme style of drumming pushed Viru's drum playing to another level, having to play at tempo's of over 200bpm on the double bass. This year Demonic Resurrection embarked on an all India tour playing cities untouched before like Dhanbad, Jalandhar, Anand, Indore, Silchar and also covering the metros like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Guwahati. The tour included opening for Opeth at Saarang '09 in Chennai.

Viru is currently recording Demonic Resurrection's third full length album which is due for release in November 2009 on Demonstealer Records.

His own band Prayag also finally re-recorded and released their debut album in August this year, which is available independently through their website.

Viru says "I have always played Zildjian cymbals, just like a lot of my favourite drummers. Right from Buddy rich, Gene Krupa to Dennis chambers, Steve Smith, Steve Gadd, Vinnie Colaiuta and Peter Erskine to the latest ones like Carter Beauford, Mario Duplantier, Dave McClain, etc. So it means a great deal for me to be playing the same cymbals used by all these great drummers whom I have grown up listening to and watching. I am proud to be a part of the Zildjian family as they are the best cymbals in the world! I have picked the K Custom series which are very rich and natural sounding cymbals. I loved the cymbals right from the first hit. They are very versatile and the best part is, they sound full and have a great projection. I am still in the process of exploring my cymbals. But, my favourite has to be the 20" K Custom Dark Ride, it is a very full and bright sounding cymbal and has an awesome bell sound which I use quite a lot in my playing."

His cymbal set-up is:
(left handed drummer the cymbals are listed RIGHT to LEFT)

Oriental China 16"
K Series 14" Hi Hat
K Custom 8" Dark Splash
K Custom 16" Session Crash
K Custom 10" Dark Splash
K Custom 17" Dark Crash
K Custom 20" Dark Ride
K Custom 17" Dark China

Check out Viru's bands at:

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