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Brian Bennett

Brian Bennett with Cliff Richard and The Shadows Reunion Tour


In the late 50's and early 60's, Cliff and The Shadows dominated the British popular music scene, enjoying solo and joint careers, and established their undisputed place in pop history, also starring together in the popular films Summer Holiday and The Young Ones.

The Shadows are the world's most successful backing group of all time and were the original pioneers of the four-member rock-group format in the UK. The group played a pivotal role in the development of UK rock music "Before-Beatles" (i.e. pre-1963), thus they are of extreme importance in rock music history. Formed in London in 1958-59, their "Apache" hit single paved the way for many thousands of guitar-based groups both in the UK and abroad.

They remain Britain's most successful instrumental and vocal group with a grand total of 69 (including twelve No. 1's) UK hit singles: 35 (including five No. 1's) as 'The Shadows' and 34 (including seven No. 1's) as 'Cliff Richard and The Shadows' from the 1950s to the 2000s. According to the Guinness Book of Hit Singles and Albums (19th edition), they are the third most successful UK charted hit-singles act, behind Cliff Richard (2nd) and Elvis Presley (1st). In 2009, Cliff and The Shadows bring their extraordinary partnership to an end with a Golden Anniversary concert tour.

Brian Bennett says:

"As for being back on the road, I love it. There is nothing to prove. We go on stage and celebrate our lives in music. Every night is a party in front of thousands of people.

We have re-recorded all the hits from 1958 -1969 and are performing the album plus a couple of new titles. I've got a DW silver kit, 24x20 B/D 12" and 16" tom-toms, 13" snare 1 (high pitch) and a 14" snare 2 (low pitch), I'm trying to recreate the different recording sounds from that 10 year period. So, 2 snares.

The cymbals are amazing. Bright crisp and very hi-fi. 2 sets of hi-hats for the same reason as the snares. 13" hi-pitch to the left. And 13" K low-pitch and slightly open to the right. The 20" custom hybrid ride is just the best ever. I fell in love with it at the Zildjian Artist Day at the London Hard Rock Cafe gathering. It does everything you tell it to do and more! The 18" Avedis Crash/Ride is all round perfection with a medium ride dynamic and a short decay on the crash. Also the bell sound has the same rich sound that we achieved on all the classic hits.

I've been playing Zildjian for 50 years now and I couldn't have wished for a better traveling companion."

Keeping it in the family, Brian's son Warren Bennett, also accompanies the tour playing guitars, harmonica, accordion, vocals and percussion (including a Zildjian splash!).

Brian's cymbal set-up for this tour is:

From left to right:

18" A Crash Ride

16" Armand Thin Crash or 18" A Thin Crash.

20" K Custom Hybrid Ride

18" A Custom Fast Crash

18" Oriental China Trash

13" A Mastersound Hi Hats

13" K Hi Hats - I'm using this as an alternative Ride sound. Slightly open, no pedal.

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