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Ben Gordon

Ben Gordon (Parkway Drive) Switches to Zildjian Drumsticks


Zildjian is delighted to announce that Ben Gordon of top Australian band Parkway Drive is our newest member to the worldwide family of Zildjian Drumstick Artists.

Ben updates us from back home in Australia, where the band are writing the finishing touches to the new record that they will be recording next year:

"For the past month (October 09) we were touring the states with our friends in 'A Day To Remember.' The tour was amazing and we got to play some really good shows with the majority of them being sold out.

Loving the new cymbal offerings from Zildjian (Z3s) I was interested in trying out Zildjian Drumsticks and half way through the tou,r the good people at Zildjian sent me a box of sticks to try out. As soon as I picked up the first pair I was impressed. I really liked the look and feel of them, especially the sticks that have been "dipped" (DIP Series).

I found exactly what I was looking for with the SUPER 5B and the SUPER 5B DIP. They are thicker and longer than a regular Zildjian 5B and I felt that they made me play harder and more aggressive than usual, without compromising any speed.

I was also impressed to find that I used the same pair of sticks for 4 shows in row and they still didn't break! That is usually impossible for me!!"

Ben and Parkway Drive are about to embark on a national tour later this month, for details check out:


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