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Zildjian Shines at PASIC in Indianapolis

We are just back from a fantastic PASIC (Percussive Arts Society International Convention).

Zildjian Artist clinics were spectacular in all areas and we applaud the wonderful clinics and performances that each gave:

- Akira Jimbo filled the Main Ballroom for his amazing clinic which featured a very creative Michael Jackson mash-up and a tribute to Jazz.

- Tommy Igoe was absolutely burning during the Saturday Night Evening Concert with The Birdland Big Band, with new Zildjian artist and percussionist extraordinaire, Rolando Morales-Matos.

- The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra section percussion clinic was outstanding with Zildjian Artist Paul Berns.

- Cynthia Yeh (Principal of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra), Chris McLaurin (Principal of the Kansas City Symphony) and Lee Vinson (Percussionist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra) all led insightful clinics on orchestral percussion and cymbals.

- Marc Demolakis showcased the new K Symphonic Cymbals that he helped developed in a well attended and informative clinic.

- Nebosja Zivkovic presented several of his pieces to a standing room only audience.

- Noted Artists/Educators Joel Stevenett, Steve Fidyk, Sergio Belloti and Skip Hadden all conducted great drum set clinics.

- Marching clinics were lead by Zildjian Artists Lalo and Julie Davila, Jeff Ausdemore and Brian Mason.

Brett Dietz led the LSU Percussion Ensemble in a stunning percussion ensemble repertoire performance.

The Zildjian booth was certainly the place to be when not attending a clinic of performance. Featured cymbals on the booth included the new K. Symphonic hand cymbals. Designed in conjunction with Marc Damaoulakis of the Cleveland Orchestra, these cymbals were the hit of the show. Zildjian's completely new line of Rock cymbals named

Z3 also received a lot of attention. PASIC is also the one show where we bring a large selection of one of a kind prototypes. This year set a new standard for fresh new metal. These prototypes included the Kenny Washington Bounce Ride, K EFX Crashes, Penta cup Zil Bels, Zildjian Frying Pans, Super Hammered HiHats, 8/10/12 inch Trashformers, Super Crotales, Suspended K. Symphonics and many more. Words do not do them justice; you really have to be there to get the full effect. Be there next year if you want to hear the newest gems.

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