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2010 Jon Gasken

Zildjian Welcomes Jonathan Gaskin of UK's My Passion To the Family of Artists

Welcome to the Family

Zildjian is delighted to welcome their newest member to the Worldwide Family of Artists...Jonathan Gaskin of UK's My Passion.

Hot off the Kerrang! Tour and featured on this week's Kerrang 's cover, Jon recently took time out to come and choose his set-up at the UK's Zildjian office:

Left to right from behind the kit:

14" A Custom Mastersound Hi Hats

19" A Custom Crash

20" A Custom Rezo Crash

22" K Crash Ride - Brilliant

19" K Dark china

22" Oriental China

Jon says:

"2010 has started well for us as a band. We recently played the KERRANG! tour with some great bands like The Blackout and All time low. It was an amazing tour, we got to meet a lot of our fans and had the chance to really get to know them. My favourite show of the tour was in Dublin, it was the smallest show out of the lot but the atmosphere was intense, it felt like everyone was trying to climb on the stage.

Just before the tour we started writing material for our new album, it's inspired by the dark and light in life, and sometimes the shadows too. We are all about dynamics and trying our best to vary our sound between and within songs. This is because of the way our lives are, they aren't just one dimensional, there are many emotions and events in your life that inspire you in a different way and we aim to have our music reflect that. We have been demoing are latest tracks and have come up with around 20 solid songs. Now comes the pain staking part of deciding what to do with them all! We may release an EP or release lots of 'one off' B sides depending on how it pans out. We don't want to just throw away some great tracks, even it means only a small portion of the world hears the other tracks, it's really important to us.

In the months to come we are going into the studio with producer John Mitchell (Enter Shikari, The Blackout, Funeral For A Friend). This is my favourite part of being a musician. I love hearing all of the parts you spent months creating come together. It's nerve racking but simultaneously really exciting. The sound for the new album is much bigger. It's epic, raw, and melodic. After recording our follow up album we shall be playing a tour of the UK and Europe with Chicago rockers Kill Hannah. We have toured with these eccentrics in the past, we get on so well so it will be a blast. In the summer we shall be performing at international and UK festivals which I am incredibly excited about.

Zildjian has always been the best cymbal brand out there. Ever since I was a kid I have known about the cymbals. From watching my dad play when I was a youngster to watching music videos and reading drum magazines, they have been a big part of my drumming life. I remember the first Zildjian cymbal I had, and I still have it somewhere!

The set up I use now is mainly quite large powerful cymbals. I don't use this for the way they look but for how they sound. I have struggled in the past with being able to find a large enough crash for my main cymbal. I think it's really important to have a massive sounding crash that you can hammer in the riff sections, and ride on in big choruses. The Zildjian K Crash Ride is the best cymbal ever made. I use a 22" which is nice and big, you can literally see the air moving when you hit that beast. It encompasses everything around you and really gives you that drive in a Big Riff section. I love to really hammer my main crash, and this is the one and only cymbal out there that can do the job! I am a fan of all the Zildjian ranges and I don't believe in just using a specific range like 'I only play rock so I should use these cymbals' I think all the catalogue is worth using at different moments in music.

I love the Oriental China because it literally sounds like absolute mayhem. It's the most trashy cymbal I have ever played, its sheer size and power makes it sound like the gods are battling in Valhalla! However not all my cymbals are intended for heaviness and power. I like the A custom Mastersound hats because they are so crispy. It makes the dance beats that I play sound so tight and jerky. Accompanied by a nice tight snare these hats are a winner in anyone's book!"

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