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311 Day

311 Day Hits Las Vegas


The annual 311 Day hit the Mandalay Bay Arena in Las Vegas this year for 311's festive celebration and Zildjian was there to join in on the fun. Held on March 11, the concert is a meeting ground for 311 fans worldwide that join together each year for the band's self-thrown party. This year's epic event included a fan party at The Jet in the Mirage Hotel and Casino filled with over a thousand fans.

The following night, Chad Sexton, equipped with his amazing kit filled with over 15 Zildjian cymbals, hit the stage with the band. Hit after hit was played over the course of a 5 hour show that included an 8 minute drum solo, tons of guitar solos, an amazing light show and an unbelievable hula hoop performance. What would a Vegas show be without some incredible entertainment?

This 311 Day will surely go down in the history books.

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