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2010 Joey App

Joey Kramer Launches New iPhone App - Hit Hard


While no one can beat the rock solid rhythms of Aerosmith's legendary drummer Joey Kramer, iPhone users can now challenge their drumming skills on Kramer's recently released iPhone application, "Hit Hard."

Available on iTunes, the new iPhone application challenges fans to compete with one another to repeat the legendary drummer's beats on an iPhone, or leave the competition behind and just knock out their own beats in "freestyle" play. The "Hit Hard" app features original drum beats created and laid down by Kramer. Of course, you get to play all the rhythms on some great Zildjian pies!"Drummers love challenges - I think it's in our blood," laughed Joey Kramer. "You can't get two or more of us together without someone starting to knock out a beat, so 'Hit Hard' is just a natural outgrowth of what drummers love to do." Each level in the game consists of a mock lesson from Kramer where the player taps the correct sequence to match Kramer's beat as the icons light up on the screen. Upon completing each of the 15 levels, the player will receive a personalized message from Kramer. The game's leader board allows players to see who comes closest to matching Kramer's unbeatable grooves, which become increasingly difficult as the game goes on. Once all of the levels have been completed, the player can enter the High Score Contest, for a chance to win a special prize from Kramer as well as bragging rights.Playing drums since he was 14, Kramer has been setting the rhythm for Aerosmith since he was 18. More than 40 years later, Kramer has become an international celebrity winning over fans of all ages with his dynamic percussive beats. As part of Aerosmith, Kramer has sold more than 150 million albums, 21 of which have gone multi-Platinum and has been the subject of multiple documentaries, including "It's About Time," which focuses on Kramer's career. For more info on Joey and the app (including prizes and give aways), head to

Download the "Hit Hard" iPhone application now!

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