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Last night kicked off the Keith Carlock Clinic Tour in the UK, the event was hosted by Drumwright in Woodley, Reading, Berkshire.

Andy Fisenden is joining Keith Carlock on the road as the opening act. Andy, born in Perth Australia relocated to the UK a year ago and has since working with many high profile artists including the Sugababes and Tinchy Stryder.

While in Australia, Andy won an array of drumming Awards, including Autralia's Best Up and Coming Drummer Award 1999 and the James Morrison Scholarship 2003.

Andy's an amazingly gifted drummer and someone to definitely check-out:

Follow Andy's blog as he travels onwards to Birmingham and Manchester - where Andy leaves the tour and, fingers crossed, we'll hear the final word from Keith Carlock as he reaches Gateshead:

Keith Carlock Tour Blog

Tour blog #3

The next stop on the clinic tour was Manchester and after checking in, we proceeded to soundcheck at Willows Rugby League club, an odd venue but it was multiple tiered so everyone could get a great view. The man who put this tour together, Yamaha's Gavin Thomas, thought it would be a great idea for myself and Keith to shoot a short video together on stage (much to my delight) so that was the next level of nervousness for me. It actually turned out to be a lot of fun and we had a few magic moments on stage together. The video will definitely be uploaded very soon so watch this space! On this clinic tour I've had the pleasure of playing a collection of beautiful new Zildjian cymbals.

I've been using 14" K Light Hi Hats, an 18" K Dark Crash, a very special 20" K Constantinople Low Ride with 17" and 19" A Custom Crashes . Personally I love the K range. I believe they're the most versatile series of cymbals and suit my playing perfectly. I also think that the perfect icing on the cake is to add some A Custom crashes to compliment the darkness of the K's.

My performance went well tonight and I was given a very warm reception from the Mancurians.

Keith was on fire tonight and once again, so comfortable and at home in this clinic setting. The audience were hanging on every single deft stroke of his hands. The cymbals he was using for this tour were his own collection of: 14" K Hats (vintage), 20" Avedis Light Ride (Vintage), 20" K Constantinople Low Ride , 22" K Constantinople Low Ride and an 18" K Custom Special Dry Crash. I think a stand out moment for me was when he was speaking about his approach to music and raised a really great point. He explained: "Music should not be used to express one's skill and technique. Instead, one's skill and technique should be used to express the music." I thought that was a very poinient statement.

Well, as all good things must end, Manchester was the last stop for me on this clinic tour as I have to travel back to London for a Sugababes performance. Sadly I won't be joining Keith for the last night in Newcastle, however I will say that the last few days have been so momentous for me. Keith is such a humble, kind, inspiring person and I've had a fantastic time getting to know him better. What an amazing experience this has been! I really hope I get a chance to do it again!!

Andy Fisenden

Tour blog #2

It's day two and after a nice drive this morning, Keith and I are hangin with the Brummies at the giant P.M.S Music Store. We had a fantastic sound system to work with and Aurthur on sound is a seasoned pro, getting the very best out of the drum sets and cymbals.

Sound check was fun and there were a lot of cool guitars to stare at! I might interject at this point and add a tiny bit of background on how I have the privilege of finding myself here on tour with such a modern legend. I moved to London from Perth, Australia around one year ago. After meeting some great people, I caught wind of some auditions and after two months was playing with the pop group Sugababes. As well as those lovely girls, I've been lucky enough to perform with artists Tinchy Stryder, Jay Sean and Pixie Lott. I love living in London despite the weather! There's so many opportunities for musicians and it seems like so much is happening in the city - it's extremely vibrant!

Okay enough about me! Tonight Keith was firing on all cylinders! He seemed a lot more relaxed and focused tonight, just a different vibe. A big highlight for me was the point when he put the sticks down and played with his hands. It was so inspiring. The audience had a lot of great questions which spurred Keith on to get onto some interesting topics and stories. A fantastic night in all, I feel like the luckiest guy in the world right now. It's so great to see Keith perform in different environments and play to varied audiences. What a wonderful attribute Keith has to make an audience feel so comfortable! Off to Manchester tomorrow, I can't wait!!!

Day 1: Reading

Well, the moment I've been so looking forward to for months was finally here! After sleepless nights and much fretting, I was going to not only support my favourite modern drummer, but I get a chance to hang out with him for a few days. I just hope that some of his amazing talent rubs off!

After a quick trip over to Reading, it was straight to sound check and I definitely logged a 'mental snapshot moment' whilst setting up my kit to the graceful yet powerful sounds of Keith warming up mere inches away.

I doubt I've ever been so nervous as I was in the 30 minute lead up to my performance. Not only was I to face a crowd of discerning listeners, but Keith himself! My performance went well and I was happy with the result.

Keith came on and delivered an onslaught of power, precision and musical maturity. He proceeded to humbly explain the 'ins and outs' of his approach to the drums, technique and composition. The audience was treated to a night of fresh and inspiring playing. It is easy to see why Keith is the most in-demand drummer of late. I can't wait until tonight's gig here in Birmingham - I'm gonna be on the video camera like I'm on safari!

Andy Fisenden

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