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Sean Dowgray

Sean Dowgray achieves Oberlin Conservatory's Zildjian Award


For Sean Dowgray, music was not the first thing to catch his attention. "I played golf, then I was introduced to music by my first teacher, Keith Larson, and I dropped everything for a drum," he explains. In 2007, Sean decided to further his studies by spending his junior and senior year at Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan. There, he studied under John Alfieri. In 2009, Sean was invited to attend Young Arts Week in Miami, Florida where he performed selected solo and chamber works. With help from family and friends, Sean is currently enrolled as a freshman at Oberlin Conservatory, studying under the direction of Michael Rosen.

"Percussion is very unusual compared to most categories of instruments. Just learning the names of all the instruments takes years, learning how to really play them takes much longer. For me, percussion has been the foundation that sets the standards and ways of my living. Through players, students, and teachers I've been in contact with, I've felt enclosed in this [in a way] esoteric percussive atmosphere lies much more than instruments and music. There's more to this than just being the person in the back of the ensemble who can't keep quiet, but that is part of it."

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