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Zildjian welcomes Emre Katari, from Turkey, to the Worldwide Family of Artists

Zildjian is delighted to welcome Emre Katari to our Worldwide Family of Artists.

Emre was born into a family of musicians and artists in Ankara, Turkey. At ten years old he moved to the USA where he began to study drums, predominately jazz percussion. Whilse in the USA, Emre studied with Adam Nussbaum, John Riley, Tony Moreno, Billy Hart and Jamey Haddad.

As an educator himself, he has worked with the New York Pops-Mentors in Music program. This year he founded the first jazz department approved by the State, at the Hacettepe University, in Ankara, Turkey.

Emre is currently playing and recording with his own quartet, Origin, featuring David Liebman, John D'earth and Howard Curtis. Emre also recorded with the trio Big Girl, featuring Darius Jones and Trevor Dunn from John Zorn-Fantomas.

Emre's current cymbal set up is, left to right:

22" K Constantinople Bounce Ride

22" K Constantinople Medium Thin Low Ride

20" K Constantinople Medium Ride

14" K Constantinople Hi Hats

Emre says:

"Zildjian has been cymbal of choice among my heroes like Philly Joe Jones, Elvin Jones and Tony Williams. Zildjian is not just a historic name in percussion, but in jazz music history. To be a Zildjian artist, is a true honor.

There have been many companies trying to imitate the true, dark yet articulate character of the complex jazz cymbal sound, but nothing quite can sound like the Zildjian Constantinople Series. Especially my personal favorite, the new Bounce Ride, is absolutely killin'!"

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