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John Tempesta Asia Clinic Tour Blog

Zildjian's Bob Wiczling is out on tour with John traveling throughout Asia on the Clinic Tour (see info and full dates here). Follow along below:

Clinic 10 - 3 June, Mumbai, India

So we arrive at our final stop on this tour, Mumbai, India!!

It's an incerdible contrast to the orderly super-smart atmosphere of Singapore. To us visitors, the initial impact as we drive to the hotel comes across as complete, but somehow amazingly orderly mayhem!! Cars, powered rickshaws and pedestrians all viaing for space. It's really hot and the atomosphere and pace of life here is breathtaking!

Our hosts are Furtados, one of the biggest music companies in India, with quite a number of stores across the country. No question there is a big metal scene here in Mumbai, there are some big bands around such as Scribe and Rolling Stone magazine plan to hold their first Indian Metal awards in Mumbai later this month.

The clinic today is part of the PALM show. It's a big public musical instrument exhibition and the crowd is amazing. So keen are they to see John that they break through the barriers before John has finished his sound check and everyone rushes the stage.

Over 800 people in today and the atmosphere is electric. Amazing PA and lights and John delivers yet another storming set!! Smoke machine and lasers add to the overall effect and John's a powerhouse through the entire show, finishing with another incredible solo!!!

Before we know it, the tour has come to an end. It's been an incredible couple of weeks and John and his Z3's have been on top form every night!! It's been a great pleasure travelling with John and having the chance to watch him play - so a massive thanks from all of us at Zildjian!!

John will be on tour with the Cult this summer in Europe so be sure to catch him if you get the chance.

That's it for now!!

Bob W.

p.s. - Special thanks to Tama for ensuring great kits for John at all locations...

Clinic 9 - 1 June, Singapore @ Young Musicians Society

Today our original itinerary would have had us in Bangkok, Thailand, but sadly with the recent troubles, we were advised to cancel the show. Apologies to our distributors and all the great drummers there. We have always had great clinics in Bangkok and everyone there is so nice, we hope we can get back to you soon.

Today's location then is the super-smart territory of Singapore. It's an island country that is literally also the city.

Venue for today is the Young Musicians Society and our hosts are Zildjian distributors, Yamaha Asia. They do a great job and everything comes together in soundcheck real fast. Singapore is a relatively small place and the venue and crowd offers for a very intimate atmosphere. There's much excitement to see John and as with all the countruies, Metal is very much on the agenda.

Coming by to see the show are also Zildjian artists, Tama Goh, Robert Nalin and Mark Desouza, great guys and incredible players.

Its a great Q & A tonight but star of the crowd is a young Australian boy. Watching intently, sticks in hand, and taking in every note that John plays. He has a great question for John "When did you get your first Tattoo?" The crowd loves it!! Not sure what the boys Dad thought, but his son looks to have some serious intent to play Metal!!


Clinic 8 - 30 May, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia @ The Bentley Music Auditorium
Todays show is hosted by the good people at Bentley Music. They are the Zildjian distributors for Malaysia and have one of the finest music stores you could find.

Their facilities are all housed in their new building that incorporates the store, a wonderful Music Academy and would you believe also houses their own 500 seater auditorium, built to top specifictaions with incredible sound and lights.

We're getting pretty close to the equator now and its hot! The road in from the airport is flanked by masses of tropical palms. Its a beautiful country and Kuala Lumpur is an incredible city.

Its a full house tonight and the drummers are well into it. Many of them scream their delight as John announces tracks by his former bands such as Testament. Its a metal crowd alright!

John shows his practice programs that help him build up incredible double bass drum techniques and the crowd see it close up on the giant video screen behind him.

Great solo again tonight, John doesn't plan it, but goes with the creative flow. Fast, powerful and mezmarising!!

Clinic 7 - 28 May, Manila, Philippines @ Marian Auditorium

The vibe in Manila is quite different to the other countries we have been travelling through. It's hot, hectic and the traffic is unbelievable. The people are great though and everyone seems to have a smile for you.

It's an incredibly musical country and sees many of its musicians playing throughout Asia.

Our hosts today are the team from JB Music. They do a great job on the organization and everything is in place that should be. The MC for the evening is Monica, a very popular Radio DJ in the Philippines.

Then two hours before the show starts, a tropical rain storm hits. It's relentless and the already crazy traffic comes to a standstill!!

Luckily people persevere and many make it through to the University auditorium where tonight's clinic takes place.

Despite the storm, people are in great spirits and immediately warm to John's charms and it turns out to be a great evening.

Clinic 6 - 27 May, Taipei, Taiwan @ Riverside Live House

Tonight's clinic is in the Riverside Life House, Taipei - Taipei's most popular live venue and a perfect environment to see John at his best. Great stage, great lighting and a brilliant PA system capable of really blasting it out. It's a full on Metal show tonight.

John's Z3 cymbals do not fail to deliver on their promise and cut through the backing tracks with ease, beautiful bright and powerful sound.

John enthuses about the Z3's with the audience. He has been using a couple of Z3's on his recent Cult tour and now plans to take out an entire set for the next leg of their tour in Europe. They sound great!!!

Clinic 5 - 26 May, Hong Kong @ Tom Lee Acdemy Hall

Hong Kong is a spectacular city, over 7 million people in a mass of high rise blocks clinging to the rocks surrounding one of the most spectacular bays in the world.

There's a constant buzz to the city and we make an early morning start on Clinic Day and head for he headquarters of Hong Kong Broadcasting corporation, as they have requested a radio interview with John before his clinic.

It's a British DJ and one of Hong Kongs popular music shows. Interview goes great, the DJ's very familiar with John's bands and they have lots to talk about. John talks about his playing, his cymbals and tonights show, plus plays a track from one of his albums.

Tom Lee are the Zildljian dstributors and do a great job of organization here. They have a big chain of music stores and tonight's clinic is in one of their own auditoriums in a store just next to the old Hong Kong airport.

It's aonther great show and the crowd gives John a fantastic reception. 

Clinic 4 - 24 May, Harbin, China @ Harbin Youth Center

Tempestamania hits China!!

Harbin is a two and a half hour flight north of Shanghai. Close to the boarder with Russia.

Now Rock is not a music genre that has quite been taken to heart by the Chinese authorities, but the kids are into it big time. So when John walks onstage at a beautiful old theatre in Harbin, there's a screaming crowd of over 600 excited rockers waiting to great him.

It's an amazing clinic. Opened up by local boy and Zildjian artist, David Chi, who plays through a number of great tracks. David's set goes down a storm with the home crowd.

John opens his set with three tracks in a row before taking to the mic. The audience love him and cheer after almost every word. Back to the kit and he blasts through "I Assasin" by the Cult, a powerhouse of a track and the Z3's get a major workout.

Show's over and an enthusiastic young female fan breaks through security and backstage to get to John and secure a hug. Good to see a Lot of female drummers in China.

Finally a crazed signing session and the drum fans leave happy. Quite a night!! Next stop - Hong Kong.

Clinic 3 - 23 May, Shanghai, China @ Best Friend Music

Shanghai is an incredible city, transformed beyond belief since Zildjian were the first to put on drum clinics here back in 94.

With it's futuristic skyscape, Shanghai is currently playing host to the amazing World Expo with some 350,000 visitors a day!!

Today's clinic is in one of Chinas biggest muic stores, Best Friend Music, another great show and a lot of young kids in the audience, sticks in hand, playing air drums along to Johns tracks.

Also making an appearance this evening is new Zildjian artist, David Zhehzhong Xu, a great player and teacher in Shanghai.

Clinic 2 - 21 May, Osaka, Japan @ ESP Entertainment

Early morning call and we fly to Osaka, the second biggest city in Japan.

ESP Music Academy are a big group of schools in Japan and today's show is again in one of their auditoriums.

John kicks off his set with "The Clouser," a track by Charlie Clouser followed by the Helmet track, "Smart." The crowd loves it and today they are a full-on rock crowd and hang onto John's every word and action. Great atmosphere!!

John is joined on stage again with a band made up of ESP students and play through the track "Love Removal Machine" by the Cult. They sound great and the students have a ball!

John again finishes on a brilliant solo thrashing into his Z3's - here's the setup he's using on the Clinic Tour:






18" Z3 CHINA

2 20" Z3 CHINA


Clinic 1 - 20 MAY, TOKYO, JAPAN @ ESP Musical Academy

There's no messing around, right from the start it's going to be a full on Rock clinic tour, John Tempesta and his set of Zildjian Z3's!!

It's an early start for show 1, we're in Japan and the venue is Tokyo's big Music Academy, ESP. It's an incredible facility with its very own venue, jam packed with musicians all keen to see John tear it up. What's great about today is the show is run by the students themselves, budding techs, sound and light engineers and even a band that play along with John during the show. The productions perfect and the sound amazing!!

It may be day one, but John takes the place by storm, a blinding mix of tracks, plenty of good Q & A and a storming solo to finish up.

9 shows and 8 Countries to cover in the next week and a half, it's going to be fun (and loud)!!!

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