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2010 Cymbal Summit

Zildjian at 2010 Cymbal Summit

Hosted by Memphis Drum Shop

During the first international Cymbal Summit, hosted by Memphis Drum Shop, Zildjian showcased some of our most exclusive and limited cymbals ever, taken directly from Avedis Zildjian's "Quincy Vault" (Watch the video below). Along with an official Letter of Authenticity signed by Craigie Zildjian, the proceeds from the auction were donated to The Avedis Zildjian Scholarship Program. These "never released" cymbals were made in the historic Quincy, Massachusetts factory and date back as far as the 1930's.

As a special tribute to Memphis Drum Shop and the Cymbal Summit, the "Zildjian Wall" was also installed on site at Memphis Drum Shop. The 4' x 13' wall displays the Zildjian Family History and replicates the wall at Zildjian headquarters. Craigie Zildjian says, "The Cymbal Summit represented something that has never been tried before in our industry. That's why Jim Pettit pushed each cymbal company to come up with something special that drummers had never seen before."

In addition to the Quincy Vault cymbals and the "Zildjian Wall," Zildjian also had on site many of our brand-new products for 2010 including the 22" K Constantinople Bounce Ride (designed in conjunction with Kenny Washington), the 22" K Constantinople Thin Ride Overhammered, 20" K Light Flat Ride, new K EFX, A Custom EFX in new sizes and many, many more. Zildjian Artists Peter Erskine, Alex Acuna and John Riley were also on hand.

Below are some great photos taken by Jules Follett at the event:

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