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Zildjian Welcomes Aaron "Breakbeat" Fagan to the Worldwide Family of Artists


Zildjian is delighted to announce that UK Artist, Aaron "Breakbeat" Fagan, has joined the Worldwide family of Zildjian Artists.

Breakbeat is the drummer with triple platinum UK group N-dubz and is also a multi-talented Artist in his own right.

He says, "My music and my album are hard to define...I make universal music, fusing indie, hip-hop and electro with addictive choruses. I think I'm doing something unique. I rap and play drums - that's pretty rare. Music is my life. I produce, I write and record. I want to do it all."

Breakbeat has solely written and produced his entire debut album, Definition of Me. The compilation is an eclectic mix of strong rhythms, memorable hooks and melodies and lyrics inspired by his day-to-day life, from his point of view.

He says, "I love music. I always have. It's something that I've always wanted to be involved in, so making this album was a dream come true for me. Working with greats such as John Legend, N-dubz and people like Chipmunk and Tinchy Stryder - it's an amazing era of music to be involved in."

Breakbeat is pictured here choosing his cymbals at the UK Artist Office. Of working with Zildjian he says, "I am happy to officially be a part of the Zildjian family. I look forward to creating beautiful music using my new tools. Sound is very important to me, I like quick response and cutting cymbals. The A Customs and K Customs are a way of life for me, when I need my angry voice I use the Orientals. Picking my cymbals personally was an amazing experience, I had the opportunity to listen to every tone and pitch carefully. I spent hours at the office choosing carefully. My sound keeps me cutting edge so thank you Tina and Zildjian for an amazing experience."

Breakbeat's cymbal set-ups are:


18" A Custom Fast Crash

18" A Custom EFX

15" Azuka

8" ZXT Trashformer

2 x 6" Avedis Splashes

14" Oriental China Trash

14" A Custom Medium Crash

15" K Dark Thin Crash

15" A Custom Crash

13" A Custom Mastersound Hi Hats

20" K Custom Ride

Breakbeat UKSP

17" K Custom Crash

17" K Dark Thin Crash

16" K EFX

12" Oriental China Trash

6" Avedis Splashes

8" K Custom Dark Splash

15" A Custom Crash

10" ZXT Trashformer

13" K Custom Dark Hi Hats

10" Special Recording Hi Hats (now discontinued)

20" K Custom Ride

You can check out Breakbeat over the next few months on tour with N-dubz. He'll also be doing solo gigs to support his new release, Give The Drummer Sum.

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