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Max Beesley Visits UK Office

Max Beesley Jr. Visits Zildjian UK


Max Beelsey Jr, an old friend whose been part of the Zildjian family of Artists for 20+ years, recently dropped by the UK Zildjian office.

Max, whose career has veered away from music in recent years, is currently in LA filming on CSI with Oscar nominee Laurence Fishburne...who apparently is an avid drummer himself.

So why the return to music, Max?

Max: "People lose the love a little from reoccurring gigs, having to pay the bills, boredom, writing songs and playing for the wrong reasons...although it's understandable in this age, money's tight everywhere and people have to earn a living...but a group of us got together as we asked ourselves: 'hey, remember why we got into music in the first place?'

So, the Re-offenders was born and it's basically a group of some of the most respected musicians in London, Jeremy Meehan (Bass), Jim Watson (Keys), Nigel Hitchcock (Sax), Glen Nightingale (Guitar), Nicol Thompson (Trombone) with myself on Drums. We decided to do a recording in the style of music we love and get right back to the roots of why we are musicians. So that's it right now. My intention is to get match fit if you like and get on the road next year with an artist whose music I like and who I hope I can bring something to the live gig."

Max picked out the following:

14" A Mastersound Hi Hats

15" A Custom Crash

17" A Custom Crash

20" (and 22") K Custom Dry Rides

16" A Custom Crash

He says:

"I fell in love with the A Custom Series a long time ago.

I used them on an Incognito recording and loved the sound on the record. I initially thought that I'd found the perfect studio recording crash but live they cut through too and have weight. I think they are the best all round sounding crash for any occasion.

The Mastersound Hi Hats were mid-range tonally so wouldn't get lost on a heavier gig but also delicate enough for any quartet work, again a great all round set of Hi Hats.

The Rides are just the best, I love the K Custom Dry Rides. The Constantinople range is beautiful too. The 20" Ride I have will be used specifically for softer sessions, any jazz or latin, it's a wonderful beautifully crafted cymbal."

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